Seth Barden

Upright and Electric Bassist


The Moon and the Sea

by Creighton Irons

Recorded by Rocky Gallo at Virtue & Vice Studios in Brooklyn, NY

Featuring vocals by Hannah Elless (Erin), Aaron Lavigne (Charlie), Patrick Newton (Elijah), Britton Smith (Sea), & Katie Thompson (Moon)

The band is*: Seth Barden (bass), Damien Bassman (drums), Creighton Irons (piano), and Jeff Fowler (guitar). 

This recording exists thanks to contributions from so many people. Very special thanks to our backers: Eric Bilbrey, Win Chesson, Susan & Fred Irons, Gabrielle Greenfield & Danny Kedem, Sebastian Kopf, Anne & Jon Kotch, Dawn Landes!, Courteney Mackuen, Christine Mattison, Laura Otani, The Schubert Reed Family, Gabriella Papale, Mariana Elder Rosen, Ben Shattuck, Graham Terhune, Ann & Rud Turnbull, Patrick Vassel, Pablo Vega, and especially Wendy Macdonald & Ann McDonald. 

Directed by David Alpert.

©  Seth Barden 2016