Seth Barden

Upright and Electric Bassist


Seth grew up in the fertile music ground of North Carolina. As a child, he sang in the church choir and played saxophone in school. As a teen, he picked up the electric bass to play in rock and jazz bands. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Seth studied the upright bass where he earned a BA in jazz studies. While at the university, he branched out, studying the musical cultures around him.

At school, he studied European classical music in the Orchestra. At jazz house parties he began learning and assimilating the language of the American Song book. In rock clubs he played in indie rock bands. In church he played praised music in gospel choirs. In theaters he played in the pit for musicals. At pig pickins he played in bluegrass bands. Every musical context where there was a bass, Seth learned the music.

This musical curiosity led him to co-found an 8-piece experimental afro fusion dance band called The Brand New Life based out of North Carolina. For four years Seth performed, wrote, toured the east coast, and recorded with the group. Along the way, Seth stepped up to the challenges of a self-made life in music by producing records, managing, booking shows and tours, working public relations, and tour managing for the ensemble.

Seth relocated to Brooklyn in 2014. With previous members of The Brand New Life, he co-founded a new psych pop dance octet called Future Heart. You can see Seth perform in rock clubs of New York City with Future Heart, in jazz clubs playing the music of Thelonious Monk with Paul Bennetts Raise Fourward, and in midtown on the new musical scene.

Seth is available as a free-lance upright and electric bassist for live performance and studio session work as well as private instruction.

Adding a new skill to his repertoire, Seth is also a web developer. After graduating from a web development immersive bootcamp at the Flatiron School, Seth now speaks Ruby and JavaScript along with music! Hit him up to talk about music OR code!

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